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Paragliding Services Alicante southern Spain

Glad you're interested. At DOYOUWANNA, we have professional paragliding guiding experience in the region of Alicante for more than 18 years

The easiest, cheapest and safest way to top up your airtime, with a holiday free flight flying sports paragliding trip... Alicante.

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Doyouwanna offer professional guided paragliding holidays as well as Tandems in the Alicante region of Spain

Road Trips with DOYOUWANNALooking for

  • thermals ?
  • blue skies ?
  • mountains ?
  • cliffs ?
  • stress free flying ?
  • freeflight flying ?
  • sport,sun and beach ?
  • freeflight sport trip ?
Come down to Alicante

It doesn't get much better...
Our high season is here. Thermals are present early afternoon, and we can fly till late.
We'll take you to different free flight flying sites, enjoying the thermals from morning till evening.
Conditions for comp pilots, to beginners or acro pilots.
Change gear and come down.
Try a paragliding sports trip holiday to Alicante, you won't regret it.

This said please don't expect schooling, but expect lots of flying and, if wanted, coaching by us, experienced local pilots.

We fly with the best local pilots and have for many years. That's why our knowledge of the region, meteo, free flight sites will benefit all of you, flying in our region.

Tandem Paragliding Alicante

Soaring along the coast or thermals, above Fortuna, or Sierra del Carche, whereever, we will guide you whereever the best conditions are.

Above all that we have been residents in the region for over 11 years, so do not gypsy around Europe guiding. We have our base, fly as locals with the locals and therefore know exactly what is happening with the weather and how the flying is on our home-sites.

We will put you on our radio frequency and fly-guide you in the air. We will update you on weather conditions, help you out to become a better, safer pilot.

On trips to DoYouWanna at every site a comprehensive briefing will be given, so not to upset locals, local restrictions, farmers etc... Our aim is to guide in the most safe way, and enjoy the passion stressfree.

Nick from DOYOUWANNA leads the Pack

We welcome every foreign paraglider, and ask them not to fly on their own, as many sites nowadays are fragile and have their restrictions. So if you are as passionate as us about paragliding, help us maintaining sites hassle free and do not fly on your own. Fly with us DOYOUWANNA.

If you got your licence, and you are allowed to fly without an instructor, feel welcome to join us. And hey, if you bomb out, we'll make sure you will be on the hill again for another flight.

Why we choose Alicante ?

Pilots since 1992,we discovered the region of Alicante in 1993.

In 1993 already we were organising paragliding trips to Alicante, because we discovered that due to its particular micro climate and all its different sites it ws not easy to get the most flying in. We flew together with local school LOOPING, as we needed local knowledge.

blue sky paragliding adventure

So here I am, 10 years of experience with official guiding in the Alicante region for low airtime to competition pilots.

It was easy to choose this sunny region with its flying potential. 270 days sunny days, combined with great culture, fiesta tradition, its language, and the Mediterranean attitude to life did help of course.

I can only assure any visiting pilot that flies with us, will get the most, the best and the safest flying in the area, no doubt. And you will be welcomed by the locals, because they know you will fly our sites respecting the rules and flying them safely.

Visiting Pilot from Brazil Doyouwanna get high

Even very experienced top pilots prefer being guided by us, to get the most and best flying in. Showing respect to the local paragliding community for all their hard work, maintaining those sites open.

DOYOUWANNA was sponsoring the Valencian distance cup and helping out to maintain the sites. More than 10 years of experience, guiding in the region of Alicante.

coastal soaring

Closed on next dates :

Sat 2nd sept - Sunday 10th sept 2017

Thurs 26th oct - Sun 12th Nov 2017

Saturday 10th Feb 2018 - Sat 24th Feb 2017

Thursday 5th April 2018 - Sunday 15th April 2018

Sat 23th June 2018 - Sat 30th July 2018

Friday 1st Nov 2018 - Sunday 11th Nov 2018

Tandem flights only 80 euros.
Minimum twenty minutes .
You will never forget this.

385 euros

- accommodation
- rent a car
- flying guide all week
- no stress

it doesn't get much better, hush......

doyouwanna@telefonica.netdoyouwanna email